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Wood Stain & Lacquer

From Exterior Columns and Beams and  Pegolas to Fine Finish Interior Cabinets, doors and trim, we can beautify and protect wood with stain and protective clear coats. We are capable of matching new wood to existing stained wood’s color with stain as well as the right finish/sheen to protect it. There are also techniques using black and red glazes that add a new dimension to the appearance of the wood. Usually glazes collect heaviest in grooves and corners.

We work with all types of wood to include hardwoods and softwoods. Hardwoods are stronger in nature due to the density of the wood and the tight grain. We have worked with Hardwoods such as Alder, Cherry, Eucalyptus, Hickory, Mahogany, Maple, Oak, Poplar and others. Softwoods such as Cedar, Pine, Redwood, and Douglass Fir will take stain very differently than a hardwood since they have a more open grain and are more porous. As a result more stain and color is absorbed and the color can be darker.

It is also important to consider the color of a wood in its natural state when deciding on a stain color. Since stains can be transparent to semi-transparent, they are designed to bring out the natural beauty of the wood’s grain by penetrating it with color which is more quickly absorbed in the grain and less dense areas of the wood. As a result, there is variation in color.

There is also solid color stains where they pigment in the stain is so much that all wood will be one color with no variation. This is an excellent choice for exterior applications, especially on soft wood columns and beams.

Many stains can come with a protectant in it already which eliminates the need for a clear coat. The stain/sealer repels water and color fades from sunlight as well, if a UV protectant is in product. This is an excellent choice in AZ where direct sunlight hits every day. Stain/Sealers will penetrate deep into the wood and become a part of the wood. Polyurethanes just sit on top of wood like a shield and if not maintained, will pop off and take stain color with it. The only solution for this is to strip a surface 100% to bare wood and start over the stain process for 100% color consistency.

There are oil, lacquer and water base stains, but lacquer base stains are getting harder to get in Maricopa County due to VOC laws. Oil may be the best choice for your project. I have found water base stains to dry too quickly and look very blotchy. They also raise the grain of the wood.

Clear coats protect the wood from water, light and scratches. Lacquer is most common for interior projects these days as common varnish has been almost outlawed or the formula changed so much that it just isn’t like the old stuff. Polyurethane is most common for floors and exterior applications due to its extreme durability. Spar Varnish is also extremely durable and repels water in marine/boat applications.  These most commonly are available in satin, semi-gloss and gloss.

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