What is faux finishing and what different types are there?

What options do I have with Faux Finishing?

ACN Painting offers specialty faux painting services in Avondale and Tolleson. Faux painting is an interior decorating trend that is quickly catching on. Faux painting services use common paint to create textures, effects, and styles that often times would require other materials like marble, or wood.

Using these decorative techniques, our professionals at ACN painting can provide faux painting services like these without needing extra building materials. We provide a variety of faux painting services and will work with you to find your own unique style just for your home in Avondale or Tolleson.

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Faux Painting Services in Avondale and Tolleson

Who can I speak with about Faux Finishing?

You can speak with one of our experts about the faux painting services we provide in Tolleson and Avondale. There are various techniques that we use to create the results you desire just for your home!

Some of the different types of faux painting services we provide are:

Marbling Faux Finish

We can create the look of sandstone by using sandpaper and a special artistic touch to resemble a marble finish. This technique can be used on walls, table tops, furniture, etc. It gives a very classy and elegant appearance to your home in Avondale or Tolleson.

Tarnished Wall Finish

This is a technique that gives the impression of uneven, aged walls, that seem rough but are smooth to the touch. This is nice for an accent wall and also looks great on ceilings. If you’d like to create a romantic ambiance in your Avondale or Tolleson home, ACN painting can use this faux finish painting technique to make your dream a reality.

Venetian Plaster Faux Finish

Looking for an exotic yet comfortable motif for your home in Tolleson or Avondale? This technique is perfect for walls and ceilings. ACN Painting can use this faux finish painting technique to complement your European architectural designs and decor.

Rag Painting Faux Finish

This is a gorgeous textured pattern that is executed by twisting and bunching up rags and painting with them. If you’re looking for a faux finish painting technique that fits your modern and artsy theme, look no further. This look is edgy and contemporary. If that’s the look you’d love for your home in Avondale or Tolleson, ACN Painting is the faux finish painting contractor for you.

Be as creative as you’d like with faux finish painting, and use a trained professional like ACN Painting to create the complex and beautiful finishes you’ve always dreamed of for your Avondale or Tolleson home.

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