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Stucco Repair in Phoenix, Arizona

ACN Painting LLC Located in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area provides stucco repair services. ACN Painting is licensed, bonded and insured and specializes in interior and exterior painting.ACN Painting LLC can provide stucco repair service around Phoenix, AZ as a standalone service, or along with an exterior painting project.

We recommend that if stucco repair is needed to go along with an exterior paint project, that the stucco be completed at least 30 days before paint is applied to ensure proper curing around the Phoenix metro area. Special blocking primers can be used to paint much sooner though. We also do elastomeric/synthetic stucco that cures in 2-3 days. It also comes in a variety of colors.

ACN Painting LLC offers a maintenance list which is explained below so that your new stucco repair will last for the years to come.  Modern stucco is used as an exterior cement plaster wall covering. It is usually a mix of sand, Portland cement, lime and water, but may also consist of a mix of additives including fibers and synthetic acrylics that add strength and flexibility.

Traditional methods have stucco applied in 2 “brown” coats and a finish/texture coat over a foundation of foam and lathe. Stucco can be applied direct to block walls although some times glue is needed prior for adhesion. Modern synthetic stucco used in Phoenix, Arizona can be applied as 2 base layer of regular stucco and a finish/texture layer of synthetic stucco.

Stucco has been used on homes around Phoenix, Arizona for decades. Stucco became very popular among Phoenix homes for its attractiveness, durability and is a relatively low-maintenance exterior finish.Stucco is a cement-based material, and curing is defined as maintaining an appropriate temperature and moisture content for a specific period of time during the early life of the material generally the first 30 days.

The first week or so after the stucco repair has been added to a wall, it is  recommended for the stucco be watered with a hose during the curing process at least 1 time per day (2 is better). We ask that after the first 3 days, each day after be watered once per day to ensure the stucco cures properly.

For any questions or to schedule an appointment with one of our stucco repair specialists, click on our Contact Us page where you can call, or email us. ACN Painting LLC looks forward to serving you.

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