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Interior Painting

• The foundation to a good Interior Paint Job is the Prep work. Repairing the Drywall cracks, nail holes and defects; caulking cracks between painted surfaces; puttying defects in trim; sanding and cleaning a surface before any paint hits a surface is essential to a long lasting paint job.

• In different circumstances an Interior can be sprayed, or brush and rolled with a high quality coating. A professional finished product means 100% color coverage with perfect color breaks/lines that are thoroughly inspected by the job’s supervisor.

• All Floors and furniture are always protected. Your home or business will be left as clean, or cleaner than we found it when the job is finished. Contact us today to find out more information about our professional interior painting services in Arizona.

Exterior Painting and Restoration

• ACN Painting LLC has a reputation for restoration techniques unknown to most other companies. In most cases, severe cracking and peeling on wood, stucco and brick can be restored to look 90% new using combinations of elastomeric compounds and exterior grade putties that can build up a surface to its once original appearance.

• We use only high quality primers and 100% Acrylic Coatings that have excellent resistance to water and light. Color retention in these coatings is one of the best available products for AZ conditions.

• Exterior Painting is equally as important as protecting from the surrounding environment as is beautifying your home for years to come. Contact us today to find out more information about our professional exterior painting services in Arizona.

Faux Finish

• We offer a variety of Faux Finishes using the most artistic and original techniques available. These can be used on Walls, Ceilings, Doors, and Furniture.

• Our techniques are protected trade secrets, but we can work up samples using paints, glazes, activators and plaster to achieve the original expression you desire. Contact us today to find out more information about our professional Faux finish services in Arizona.


• From New Stucco Walls, to repairs on existing stucco we can create any texture to include smooth, sand finish, pebble finish, Mediterranean, Sante Fe, and Skip trowel

• We can stucco block walls for any desired finish. Using foam, lathe, and stucco, we can create a new modern look with stucco over dated wood and brick siding.

• Elastomeric/Synthetic stucco available for a more durable, crack resistant stucco. Dozens of colors available in synthetic too. Contact us today to find out more information about our professional stucco services in Arizona.

Wallpaper Removal

• Painting over wallpaper or hanging wallpaper over existing wallpaper is not recommended.

• Whether you wish to remove old wallpaper for a fresh modern painted look, or to re-hang new wallpaper, we can remove existing wallpaper using a variety of techniques.

• We can even remove multiple layers of wallpaper. Contact us today to find out more information about our professional wallpaper removal services in Arizona.

Wood Stain and Lacquer

• Using old world techniques and oil base and lacquer base stains, we can match most colors to bring out the natural grain and beauty of wood doors, trim, cabinets, and furniture. There are also water/UV-repelling stain/sealers for exterior applications such as patio roofs and decks.

• The Stained Wood must be protected with 2 to several coats of lacquer, varnish, shellac or polyurethane (depending on the application). These clear coat protectants are available in a variety of sheen levels (how shiny). Contact us today to find out more information about our professional wood stain and lacquer services in Arizona.

Cabinet/Furniture Re-Finishing

• If you are contemplating getting new cabinets and/or furniture because they look dated or scuffed up from wear, have you considered transforming your existing cabinets and/or furniture with a new modern look?

• The possibilities are endless with specialty paints, stains, protective clear coats and special techniques and methods that will save you possibly thousands of dollars over the alternative of buying new cabinets and furniture. Contact us today to find out more information about our professional cabinet and furniture re-finishing services in Arizona.

Epoxy Floors

• Prep is the key to a long lasting epoxy Floor. It is absolutely necessary to acid wash/etch, pressure wash and sometimes even strip and de-grease an existing concrete floor prior to epoxy coating. Only professional prep work can ensure the floor will not peel up from hot tires in the summer.

• The Epoxies are available in a variety of colors. Chips can be speckled for a more decorative look from 10-100% coverage. Sand aggregate can be added for a non-slip top coat.  Multiple Automotive-like Protective Clear Coats can be applied at the end for extra protection and a “show room” looking finish. Contact us today to find out more information about our professional epoxy floor services in Arizona.

Patio and Kool Deck Coatings

• For a Fresh Look we can use high quality 100% Acrylic Floor Coatings on you existing Porch or Patio.

• You can save thousands of dollars Painting your Existing Weathered Pool “Kool Deck” rather than replacing it. We use a patented product that actually penetrates deep into the Kool Deck and restores it to its original state while unlike any other coating, stays 100% Cool on your feet even in hot summer sun! Available in limited factory made colors. Contact us today to find out more information about our professional patio and kool deck coating services in Arizona.

Elastomeric Roof Coating

• Flat roofs whether foam/previously coated, metal, or shingle, weather from sun, rain and temp. changes. If it’s been 5-7 years since you had new flat roof installed or painted, the roof should be checked for cracks and bubbles that can leak and damage wood and drywall under roof.

• Elastomeric roof coating reflects the sun’s rays and reduces energy costs, is 100% waterproof to precipitation, and stays permanently flexible as a roof moves from temp. changes and settlement. Elastomeric Roof Coating is the best and most economical way to protect your roof over replacement. Contact us today to find out more information about our professional elastomeric roof coating services in Arizona.

Pressure Washing

•  We only use Industrial Pressure washers to clean a surface at 4,000 PSI. There are many tips that apply the right amount of pressure necessary for each application. Using the wrong tip can damage and even destroy a surface under high water pressure. When necessary, chemicals and environmentally safe cleaning solutions can also be run through our machines to loosen dirt and kill bacteria/mold. Contact us today to find out more information about our professional presure washing services in Arizona.

Drywall Finishing and Texture

• From Complete Drywall Hanging and Finishing to minor repairs, we can achieve the results you want with drywall. We can fix water damaged drywall, holes, and settlement cracks and match existing texture perfectly like the repair never happened.

• We are capable of Orange Peel, Knockdown, Sante Fe, Skip Trowel and Even “Level 5” Smooth Walls. Contact us today to find out more information about our professional drywall finishing and texture services in Arizona.

Color Consultation

• With Excellent experience with color, the owner, Kenny has helped hundreds of individuals with color selection, scheme and placement. With on the job color samples, we can help you decide what colors will help achieve the look, feel and mood you desire in a space. We can also purchase a small amount of any color and paint multiple samples on a surface.

• We know color, not just how to change the color of something. Contact us today to find out more information about our professional color consultation services in Arizona.

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