Patio & Kool Deck Coating Services

Patio & Kool Deck Coatings

Patios and exterior floors need to be protected with paints and sealers, but can also beautify a surface with color. A wide range of solid and semi-transparent stains are available for concrete in a multitude of colors. Different decorative techniques can be done with combinations of colors for a unique look.

Solid paint colors are also available and a non-slip aggregate can be added for foot traction when wet and slippery. Sheens are more versatile than shiny epoxies and flat and low luster is available as well.Prep is similar, but not as extensive as epoxy for foot traffic as opposed to heavy machinery and automobile traffic.

Cracks and imperfections can be fixed prior to treatments.

Pool Kool Deck gets dried out and cracks over years of sun and chlorine exposure. Replacement can be very expensive but a coating made for Kool Deck specifically will penetrate deep into existing Kool Deck and completely restore to look 100% new. Unlike any other paint coating, the Kool Deck coating will stay as cool on your feet as actual Kool Deck even in direct hot sun.

Available in limited colors.

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