Looking for an Arizona Painting Company who stays ahead of the times? Look no further than ACN Painting. If you’re looking to update your Luke Airforce Base home, we can help walk you through the newest trends and latest colors available.

Last year, we saw vivid purples as the most popular trend- let’s talk about what we see for the upcoming 2019 year.


This green has a black base which can create a lush, majestic feel. It has a calming quality to it, like most greens do, but with its black undertones, there is a very cultivated and refined quality to this particular hue. If you’re looking to modernize a specific room in your Luke Air Force Base home, this is the right color for you.


If you like a more earthy, natural tone, and not something as drastic as dark green. Trending now is a warm terracotta color that can give you a bit of an edge over a plain neutral color. Especially here in Arizona, like on Luke Air Force Base, this is a nice color for the Southwest. Being an Arizona painting company, we at ACN Painting are very knowledgeable about the modern desert look that is so popular here.


This is a cheerful, whimsical light blue that is reminiscing of both the clouds in the sky and beautiful lakes. It’s intense enough to be very straight forward, but not too dark to be moody. This shade is will give your Luke Air Force Base home a fresh, natural feel.


Arizona painting companies have seen many shades of grey trending for the interior of Luke Air Force homes. The trend is moving from lighter, more neutral shades to deeper and darker hues with white accents.


Along with trending grey colors, Arizona painting companies have been seeing a more mild, pleasant blend of grey and beige. This is an interior or exterior color that is becoming very popular on Luke Air Force Base.


Predicted to be the most popular interior design color for 2019, Coral can be spirited and dynamic, while also being savory and soothing. This will be popular on Luke Air Force Base front doors and living room accent walls. Arizona painting companies all over the Valley, including ACN Painting, are looking forward to an exciting year of new trends, shades and hues to make your Luke Air Force Base home up to date and stylish.