With your busy lifestyle, things can become hectic and stress can become overbearing. Did you know that you can paint your home in colors that can help keep your stress to a minimum? Your body and mind react to different colors. Bright colors are stimulating and can sometimes cause anxiety. ACN Painting, your premier interior painting company for homes in Tolleson and Litchfield Park can help you find the right colors just for you.  Here are some options to consider for rooms in which you want to relax:


This is a very soothing tone that can help calm a racing mind. It can help you sleep, so the experts at ACN interior painting company would recommend this color for your bedroom. Bright blues can stimulate, so you’ll want to choose something soft, and more on the neutral side to help you relax.


Being that violet has a blue base, it makes sense that this color is relaxing as well. Shades of lilac or softer violet hues can bring balance to your mind and body. If you want to bring balance to a room in your Tolleson or Litchfield Park home, this is a great choice.


Depending on the right shade (steering clear of bright hues) pink can bring peace to a room. That is why it is often used in nurseries for little girls. You want your choice of pink to be soft and light, and the base should not have an overwhelming amount of red in it. The experts at YOUR interior painting company, ACN painting, can help you choose the perfect shade of pink for any room.


Because we associate green with nature and the outdoors, there is a soothing effect that comes with it. Green is versatile because any shades from brighter tones, to even more subtle greens can leave you feeling relaxed.

Gray or Tan

If you’re looking to stay a bit more neutral in your home in Tolleson or Litchfield Park, you can still enjoy some calming effects when using shades of gray or tan. With the right subtle accent colors, gray won’t seem dull or depressing anymore and tan can bring about an aura of candlelight.  The experts at ACN interior painting company can help you choose the perfect shade to calm your body and bring you to a relaxing state of mind.


The most important thing to keep in mind when using white in an effort to feel calm and relaxed, is to make sure you are using creamy, warmer versions. Anything too bright and crisp can be a bit too harsh, and anything too subtle can be simply dull.


The right shade of yellow can be reminiscent of the warm rays of the sun. The key is to not use a hue that is too bright so as not to overstimulate. This is a popular choice for homes in Tolleson and Litchfield Park. Many interior painting companies are recommending this color option for all different spaces in your home.