Painting your bedroom is a great way to add some style, spice, or peace to your space. You want your bedroom to be an expression of yourself, so with some imagination and a little help from our interior painting contractors, you can achieve just that!

Here are a few tips to help you plan a new bedroom style for your home in Waddell or Bumstead:

Look UP

Our interior painting contractors can create a masterpiece on the ceiling of your bedroom. If you want to feel more intimate, you can use a dark color on the ceiling to spice things up.

DIY Headboards

After our interior painting contractors paint the rooms in your Waddell or Bumstead home, shake things up a bit by revamping your headboard. Gold and chocolate tones are a nice touch, or even lime green or burnt orange might compliment/contrast your wall color choice. This is something you can do yourself to really make the space your own.

Bold Accent Wall

Accent walls can really make a statement in the bedroom of your home in Waddell or Bumstead. As opposed to a living room or family room being a bit riskier, a very bold colored accent wall in your bedroom is an excellent way to really personalize the space. When researching interior painting contractors in Waddell or Bumstead, look for a company like ACN Painting that will help you take your vision and run with it.

A Touch of Nature

Looking to relax, unwind, find peace and serenity? Bringing the colors of nature inside can do just that. Whites, greens and wood tones will give you a space that will calm both your body and mind.
You don’t need to completely renovate to make your bedroom a special place in your Waddell or Bumstead home. Start with our interior painting contractors and create a beautiful, personal space all your own. Contact us today!