When redecorating a bathroom, there are a couple things to think about. How do you spend your time when you’re in the bathroom? Are you the type who showers quickly and are out the door? You might need a color that is more invigorating to help get you going in the morning. Or are you the type who likes to soak in your tub at night to unwind? Sometimes you need a space that accommodates both. ACN Painting is the painting company for you, that services Luke Air Force Base, and can help you with your next bathroom remodel.

Here are some of our favorite colors to paint the bathroom in your Luke Air Force Base home:


A subtle and neutral choice, but still warm. This is a classic color but can also be used for a modern twist. It is versatile, and there are several hues to choose from. You can choose a heavier brown toned taupe for a more earthy look, a grayish taupe to set the mood; you can even find some hues with purple undertones if you’d like a hint of color in your bathroom. When looking for a painting company who can help you choose what shade of taupe will be right for the bathroom in your Luke Air Force Base home, look no further than ACN Painting.

Soft Gray

This is a neutral option, but can add a bit of edge to a modern bathroom. It is a cooling color, but when paired with dark wood, there can still be quite a bit of warmth in your space. You can accent with pops of color in your accessories and decorations to bring out some warmth also. Your Luke Air Force Base home is waiting for our painting company to come and spruce up your bathroom.

Bright White

ACN Painting company knows that a white bathroom makes for a clean, crips and classic look. We can use different textures to break up the look, and lighter wood accents or softer neutrals. If you want an even more bold look, you can go with bright accessories of yellow pinks and greens.


Want something a bit more dramatic in your Luke Air Force Base home? Try a charcoal color for a sophisticated mood. It can make your space feel cozy, yet still contemporary. Accent it with metallics for a very chic, but relaxing bathroom.

Light Blue

Our painting company knows that there are gorgeous shades of blue that are calming and spa- like. If you like to use your bathroom to unwind, this is a nice option.

Light Green

Green brings the outdoors inside. It is also a very calming color that our painting company likes to use in bathrooms that get a lot of natural light. It can have a cooling effect to a sunny room. If your Luke Air Force Base home gets a lot of sun exposure, this is a nice option.

Creamy White

As opposed to a sharp, bright white, a creamy white can give a warm, buttery feel instead. It will pair well with softer accents of pastels or metallics. A very classic look, but not dull at all.


As mentioned earlier, light greens are a great choice for the bathroom in your Luke Air Force Base home. This green is a bit more vivacious than the ones aforementioned. Looking for a burst of energy to get you going in the morning? The experts at ACN Painting company would recommend this hue with accents of bright white for a sleek look.


A very calming and earthy look can be found with the right shade of brown. It is relaxing, if you like to use your bathroom to unwind at night. This look is dramatic and sleek when paired with metallics or golds.

Cerulean Blue

Although Luke Air Force Base is not too close to the sea, you can bring that ocean vibe to you with this color. Even though this color is bright blue like the ocean, it too can have a very calming effect. It can create a “basking on the beach” type of vibe to keep you relaxed and dreaming of your tropical vacation all year long. Beach house or nautical style, this is the right blue for you.
Let our expert painting company, ACN painting transform the bathroom in your Luke Air Force Base home to the relaxing, tranquil, or exhilarating, invigorating space you’ve always dreamed of.