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At ACN Painting we want you to feel confident that your house painting estimate will be as accurate as possible. That’s why we ask the important questions right away. This allows us to get a complete house painting estimate sent to you right away for your home painting project.

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What to Expect?

After our home painting estimate team receives your request we will quickly review and calculate the cost to complete the project. Once the estimate has been drafted it will be sent to you for review and approval.

We will answer any questions you may have about your house painting estimate and provide you with availability times and dates to start your exterior painting project.

Your house painting estimate may include options for paint selection as our paint manufacturers may be running discounts during the time of the project which may save you money on your exterior home painting project.

We are a premium painting company that provides quality work using quality products on your home. We primarily use Dunn-Edwards paint for exterior home painting which is an industry leader and one of the largest distributors of high performance premium paints serving Arizona since 1925.
When applied correctly, using premium quality paint and products for a home exterior will not only look great, but will last much longer than ordinary regional paints. Also, most important is that these paint products leave a protective barrier on your home exterior to protect your investment from harsh Arizona weather that could potentially cause damage such as cracks and peeling.

This is why our exterior home painting company is reviewed as one of the best painting companies in the Phoenix metro area serving the valley since 2009. We will work directly with your HOA and can assist in color selection from the approved color schemes that your homeowner association has provided for your home exterior painting options.


We make it easy to find a painting contractor near you to get your home painted professionally and on time.

Once we start your exterior home painting we will do the following.

  • We will extensively power wash the complete exterior of your home removing all dirt and any buildup of debris from the surfaces that will be painted.
  • We allow for 24 hours of drying time after the power wash. We do this so we do not trap any moisture before painting or prepping the exterior home surfaces. This will prevent peeling and flaking after the exterior of the home has been painted.
  • Next we will follow up with our full prep work on the exterior of your home. This includes addressing all stucco cracks and holes in which we will fill them in with elastomeric caulking during our prep work. If we encounter spider cracks in your stucco surfaces we will apply flex-prime prior to painting. We will apply caulking around all doors and windows including the garage door. We will scrape loose all paint peeling from wood surfaces and trim and apply paint primer to the wooden surfaces. Finally we will apply caulking to patio ceilings where the drywall meets the stucco surfaces.
  • We will pull back all rocks from the foundation of your home to allow for full paint coverage of your foundation wall surfaces. If landscaping is needed we do have a landscaping crew available at your request to prep prior to our painting crews starting your exterior home painting project.
  • Once the exterior painting prep work has been completed we will apply two coats of paint in a wet on wet process to ensure the most accurate coverage of all surfaces. With most exterior home painting projects we will use Dunn-Edwards Spartashield ® paint as it is the most high-quality paint to be used on exterior home surfaces. This paint product will provide a protective coating and it leaves the most professional finish on your home. If you have a special request for the paint product to be used on your home please let us know in the message section of the exterior home painting estimate request.

The entire exterior house painting process can take 3-4 days to complete with weather permitting and no other issues presented during the work days.

Once completed our painting crew supervisor will walk the project with you to ensure the quality of the work and answer any questions you may have about the exterior painting job that was completed by ACN Painting LLC.

Cabinet Refinishing Estimate in Arizona

Did you know?

We also offer cabinet refinishing

Instead of replacing your cabinets which can be costly we can refinish them to make them look new again. Our expert cabinet painting professionals will take your cabinets off-site, refinish and repaint in the color of your choice and then reinstall them in your home.

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