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Just complete our faux painting estimate below and our professional faux painter will review your request and contact you with any additional questions about your faux painting project. We offer endless decorative options for a unique faux painting finish to enhance your home in the way you imagined it would look.  

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What to Expect?

After our professional faux painter reviews your request we will schedule a consultation with you to answer any additional questions you may have about your faux painting project. We will thoroughly discuss the available options you have for faux painting techniques and color options to ensure the faux painting finish is exactly what you had imagined.

There are many options available to you in designing your faux painting finish. Our professional faux painter will go over these options with you during your consultation. No matter what the project is for such as a ceiling, wall or stand alone object you can rest assured that the faux finish will truly enhance your home beautifully.

You can choose from options such as color washing, custom stencils, rusted iron paint, or metallic paints and aging patinas. Popular faux painting finishes such as copper, silver and gold leafing are also an option chosen by Phoenix area home owners.

With your faux painting estimate in Phoenix there are endless possibilities in the design and color choices, so take advantage of our faux painting specialized artistic service today and let’s get creative!


We make it easy to find a professional faux painter near you to get the faux finish you want in your Phoenix area home.

Here are a few more faux painting options to consider with your faux painting estimate.

  • Vertical or Horizontal Stripes – this Faux Finish offers crisp clean lines and a laser level that are the key factors in a successful striping theme. Attention to detail and patience are a must. Vertical stripes in a low ceiling room can give the illusion of height. Horizontal stripes are a playful way of hiding areas that get marred easily…with easy touch up in high traffic areas. 
  • Wood Graining – Wood graining is a multi-layer delicate Faux Finish technique that can transform ceiling beams, pillars, panels and furniture. Transform your steel garage door with a wood grain facelift that won’t warp in the intense heat of the Phoenix, AZ sun.
  •  Ragging and Sponging – Crumpled rags and natural sponges add visual texture on any surface. These organic tools are used to add layers of diluted paint to walls, columns and niches for a soft delicate effect with this Faux Finish.

As mentioned before our faux painter will review all the faux finish options with you and ensure the outcome is exactly what you expected with your faux painting project.

Once we receive your faux painting estimate our team will quickly review and contact you as soon as possible to discuss the next steps.

Cabinet Refinishing Estimate in Arizona

Did you know?

We also offer cabinet refinishing

Instead of replacing your cabinets which can be costly we can refinish them to make them look new again. Our expert cabinet painting professionals will take your cabinets off-site, refinish and repaint in the color of your choice and then reinstall them in your home.

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