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“It’s just paint…don’t be intimidated of color…but embrace it.”

Decorative wall finishes have been extremely effective in dramatically enhancing the homes in the Southwest….especially in the Phoenix, AZ area because the regional architecture. Phoenix, AZ and all over the valley are taking advantage of Faux Finishing’s specialized artistic service. Expand your concept of what color means to you by allowing the creative juices to flow and be inspired by the endless possibilities of various faux finishing techniques. Submit a faux painting estimate request for your Phoenix area home now.

Faux finish techniques utilize various brushes, rags, sponges, trowels and glazes. Combinations of multiples layers using the various sheens of the paint, types of specialty paints (such as textured or metallic) and designer plaster products. These artistic tools will bring out the subtle color combos to transform your home’s flat surfaces to life and create a stunning interior decor. Let ACN Painting LLC help you make your house a home here in Phoenix, AZ…one room at a time with our Faux Finishing.

Color Washing:

Color washing is the application of watered down paint and glaze to create a warm and inviting backdrop for any room. It adds dimension and delicate activity to an otherwise flat wall. Multiple layers are applied in controlled areas and wiped off to color stain the base paint. Subtle highs and lows wrap the walls and create a soothing effect.

Custom stencils:

Patterns can dramatically enhance the impact of a room using contrasting color, metallics and sheen to catch the light. From trendy geometric graphics that pop to lacy delicate details, Faux Finishing with stencils can transform an intimate space from blah to bold.
Accent walls, floors, ceilings, furniture and even fabric can be the perfect canvas for a fresh new look with the Faux Finish provided by ACN Painting LLC here in Phoenix, AZ.

Vertical or Horizontal Stripes:

Stripes never go out of style. They are a true classic…bold or subtle, thick or thin, maximum contrasting color or various widths… This Faux Finish offers crisp clean lines and a laser level that are the key factors in a successful striping theme. Attention to detail and patience are a must. Vertical stripes in a low ceiling room can give the illusion of height. Horizontal stripes are a playful way of hiding areas that get marred easily…with easy touch up in high traffic areas.

Wood Graining:

Wood graining is a multi-layer delicate Faux Finish technique that can transform ceiling beams, pillars, panels and furniture. Transform your steel garage door with a wood grain facelift that won’t warp in the intense heat of the Phoenix, AZ sun.

Furniture facelifts and renovations:

Does a garage sale find or a hand-me-down piece of furniture need some attention? Beautiful Faux Finish can give you a whole new look. Antique waxing, distressing, gold highlights or multiple layers of sanded back colors will bring new life to an old piece of furniture.

Rusted Iron Paint:

Fireplace mantles or facades and interior accents areas are an ideal place for this dramatic Faux Finishing technique. Layers of paint that have flecks of iron in the product will begin its transformation once the rust activator is applied. The process unfolds before your eyes and the intense colors of burnt orange, rusty reds and rich browns have beautiful results and are never disappointing. ACN Painting can establish a whole new wow to your Phoenix, AZ home with this Faux Finish.

Ragging and Sponging:

Crumpled rags and natural sponges add visual texture on any surface. These organic tools are used to add layers of diluted paint to walls, columns and niches for a soft delicate effect with this Faux Finish. Contact ACN Painting LLC today for a free quote.

LusterStone, Shimmer Stone and Venetian Plaster

These unique products add an elegant effect to your walls. LusterStone and Shimmer Stone Faux Finish are infused with eye catching metallic flecks that have a reflective quality. These techniques are troweled on in thin layers and create a multi-dimensional candy coated effect. This Faux Finishing is smooth to the touch and a very beautiful to integrate depth and visual texture.

Metallic Paints and aging Patinas:

Crown moldings and ceiling tiles come to life when based out in copper and bronze metallic paints. The antiquing process adds a layer of patina that oxidizes the surface. This Faux Finish technique is ideal for adding a little history to a new space. Let ACN Painting get creative in your Phoenix home. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Hand painted motifs and scroll work:

Bamboo silhouettes, falling leaves, blooming flora…With this Faux Finish, ACN Painting LLC will bring a little nature inside and add a custom crafted accent to your space. Tone on tone or contrasting metallic highlights might be the desired effect…

Linear multi-color Drags

Mixing complimentary colors in a directional manner creates a dramatic effect. Combining metallic’s or suede paints add even more drastic effects when placed side by side. With these Faux Finishes the colors look like they are blending into one another as they melt down the wall. Ideal for accent walls or powder rooms…this gorgeous technique is memorable.

Delicate Strie

The delicate strie process uses wide brushes to vertically apply faint streaks close in tone. The end result has the look of fine fabric. A continuous effect or sectioned panels add a peaceful retreat to sooth the mood of a room.

Copper, Silver and Gold leafing

Leafing is an elegant technique that has been in use throughout history and has stood the test of time. This Faux Finish is ideal for accent areas such as foyer domes and niches or anywhere that demands attention with reflective qualities. Lighting is key and will only add to the drama when featuring such a specialty finish.

Art placement and staging:

Need advice hanging your favorite framed art or grouping of artistic treasures? Balance, proportion and placement are key to have the proper flow and with a successful room. Having an objective eye to help create pleasing vignettes.

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