We at ACN Painting want to make the chore of choosing exterior painting services fun and less stressful for your home in Palo Verde or Liberty. Since it’s only done about once a decade, you want it done right, you want a fresh new look, and you want it to be a style that will last. Our exterior painting services here at ACN Painting can do all of that and more for you.

Here are a few of the exterior painting services that we provide in the Palo Verde and Liberty areas:

The Classic Look

A nice neutral color will stand the test of time. The best thing about a neutral motif, is that over the years, you can change up the look of your home by simply changing some accent colors, ie: doors and shutters. You can also use two or three different neutral colors to modernize your look as well

Accenting Your “Accents”

Bright accent colors add a bit of fun to the exterior of your home. You can use a few different shades of the same color to really play it up. Our exterior painting services include accenting your colors, and helping you to choose the perfect shade. We can make the outside of your Palo Verde or Liberty home look impeccable.

Primary Colors

When choosing what colors to use for accents, you will want to use complimentary colors from your base color to really make them pop. There are different ways to do this using a “color wheel” and our experts provide these options as part of our exterior painting services. For example, if your home is a neutral, muted blue, you can compliment it with a pop of orange or bright yellow. Or, if you want something more subtle, you could use different variations of your base color as your accent colors.

Natural Looks

Don’t be confused with the word “neutral” when you hear “natural”. They are different. You can use natural wood colors and materials that not only add color but texture as well to really dress up the outside of your home in Palo Verde or Liberty.

Go Darker

Do you want to be bold? Try a rich dark color on the exterior of your home. This can make your home in Palo Verde or Liberty look very chic. Our experts at ACN painting might recommend a rich purple when discussing their exterior painting services with you and helping you to choose the perfect color. If you have a smaller, quaint and cozy home, a dark color can make your smaller home look more substantial.

White White White

Not ready to take the plunge and go for colors as part of your exterior painting services? When in doubt, go white, it never fails.There are many shades of white that you could create some subtle contrasts with. This is another timeless, classic look.

Neutral- Not Beige

Part of our exterior painting services include helping you choose the perfect color. Our experts will remind you that neutral doesn’t always have to mean boring or beige. Neutral really means, a more toned down, muted version of any brighter hue. Think greens, blues, and yellows in a lighter shade to make your Palo Verde or Liberty home edgy and contemporary.