Drywall Finishing & Texture Services

Drywall Finishing & Texture

Drywall comes in variety of sizes from ½” to ¾” and can be used for interior and some exterior applications. The drywall is mounted with screws or nails to wood or metal studs and then the joints where drywall sheets are joined are taped. There is paper and mesh tape available. The tape and screws/nails are coated over with drywall mud at least 2 coats and sanded smooth.

A variety of drywall is available from gypsum for traditional uses in walls and ceilings, Exterior Grade, green board which is resistant to water in wet areas, and Type X Fire resistant drywall.

For actual showers and shower tile, cement board is a better choice,
Also drywall can be textured or smooth. Textures include orange peel (fine-heavy), knockdown, popcorn, skip-trowel, santé fe, and 90/10 (90% smooth, 10% skip).

Drywall can also be finished with 90 degree square corners or curved circular corners.New drywall should always be primed prior to painting with PVA to quality latex primer to ensure it is properly sealed.

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