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Things to consider when looking for a commercial painting contractor?

When customers enter your business, what your space looks like says quite a bit about how you will be perceived by your customers. Does this business owner have attention to detail? Will they provide that same attention to detail to me as their consumer?

As a business owner, you want to make sure your interior paint looks top notch. ACN Painting is the prime commercial painting contractor in Buckeye and Litchfield Park.

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The Top 4 Things to Note

Here are 4 things to consider when choosing a commercial painting contractor in Buckeye and Litchfield Park:

1) Use the right materials for the job.

Businesses with high traffic areas or where many families of small children, it might be beneficial to use a higher quality semi-gloss paint, that can be cleaned easily. Higher quality ensures better wash-ability and it can be washed more frequently than lower quality paints.

If you have a showroom, or you are in high end boutique, etc, you will want to use a matte or flat paint. This allows for minimal light reflection, showing less imperfections on your walls and looks the cleanest.

ACN Painting is your trusted commercial painting contractor in Buckeye and Litchfield Park to help you find the quality paint you are looking for, for your specific business type.

2) Cleaning

When you see marks and blemishes, clean them as fast as possible. The longer the imperfection stays on the way, the harder it will be to clean. You want to try to not to scrub too hard on the walls as scrubbing can damage the paint job. To limit the damage from scrubbing, start by cleaning the area lightly and work up to a harder scrub only if necessary. Always start with just a simple cloth and water first and use a little cleaning solution if that doesn’t work.

Your commercial painting contractor at ACN painting will have many more tips and tricks to help clean and maintain your business in Buckeye or Litchfield Park.

3) Touch-Ups

Touch-ups are crucial to keeping your business in Buckeye or Litchfield Park looking top notch, but it is a tricky process. If the paint is old, it will be harder to touch up, basically due to normal wear and tear, and aging of the paint. If the type of paint is flat, it will be easier to touch up than other types of paint with semi-gloss paint being almost impossible to touch up.

ACN painting, your premier commercial painting contractor can advise on which type of paint is best for your business in Buckeye and Litchfield Park, depending on how frequently you think you might need to touch- up.

4) Maintain Your Paint

Invest in a commercial painting contractor like ACN Painting that maintains your property.

You want your the paint job your commercial painting contractor does to last for many years, not just a few. If you hire a commercial painting contractor like ACN Painting, they will do the job correctly the first time, and at the highest possible standards.

So the job will last for years, and that’s where you will see the savings. ACN Painting has provided commercial and residential painting services in Buckeye and Litchfield Park for many years, and they are ready to service your needs today!

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