Cabinet & Furniture Re-finishing

Cabinet & Furniture Re-finishing

The cost of replacing existing cabinets and furniture can be very expensive, but it will be much more cost effective to re-finish existing cabinets and furniture. The wood can be stripped and re-stained and lacquered, thus making the wood look brand new. Additionally, there are endless possibilities with paint, glazes and specialty finishes.

From painting a solid color to faux techniques, your furniture or cabinets will have modern fresh new look. Also, when using paints, we have the ability to completely restore the wood by fixing deep scratches, gouges, and chips in the wood and any other imperfections with putty and wood fillers that can be sanded smooth to a flat flawless surface.

There are many other techniques that are trade secrets but there are many possibilities.It is also imperative that a new surface be protected with multiple layers of clear coat. Painted surfaces will have a protectant already if satin, semi-gloss or gloss.

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