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Find Professional Faux Painters around Scottsdale, AZ

ACN Painting LLC offers a wide range of interior Faux Finishes that include staining, glazing, toner applications, metallic finishing, wood graining, wall coverings, gold leafing and more around Scottsdale, AZ. Here at ACN Painting LLC we have the talent and experience to transform “out of the box” ideas into an impressive reality.

ACN Painting LLC has worked together with interior designers around Scottsdale, AZ in homes and business creating the perfect color schemes for specific areas, creating themes that the owners were looking for, that our Faux Painters added to the interior paint project. A lot of our clients have seen Faux Finishes in magazines, asking several questions as to how our Faux Painters can create these beautiful finishes in their Scottsdale homes.

What is Faux Finish?

Faux Finishes vary in their appearance, but they always add a new look to the entire room that they are in. For example, Faux Painters can add to an interior paint project that could make the room appear as if it is covered in velvet, speckled with paint splatters to give an artistic feel, or patterned with wood grains. These are all approaches to making the room unique and suited to a special taste, and our Faux Painters can make that happen in your Scottsdale home.

In most cases, ACN Painting LLC has found more home owners in the Scottsdale, AZ area has inquired about and moves forward with an interior project in of Faux Painters, since most businesses want a simple interior paint job that is going to appear professional and in tune with other businesses in the area, but we have seen business owners around Scottsdale inquiring more about the Faux Finishes that we provide here at ACN Painting.

Some popular Faux Finishes throughout Scottsdale, AZ that we have put in homes have been candlelight, suede and marbleizing. We are not limited; we have combined multiple Faux Finishes around Scottsdale creating endless possibilities. Our Faux Painters here at ACN Painting have been referred more and more throughout 2013, and we can see a trend in some of the new residential construction around Scottsdale and its outlining areas.

Find Special Offers on Faux Painters in Scottsdale

Here at ACN Painting LLC we continually come up with new Special Offers to utilize our Faux Painters around Scottsdale, Arizona. In fact, interior Faux Painters can change a room completely without requiring homeowners to spend a fortune that remodeling would otherwise require.

Many people around Scottsdale have asked us if these Faux finishes can be completed by just anyone. The answer is, that usually it requires a professional Faux Painter to get the look that you may have seen in magazines. An inexperienced person can try to copy the effect; however, without the proper training and tools the paint job will not look as good as you would have hoped. This is where ACN Painting LLC can help, anywhere you are located within the Scottsdale, AZ area. We also have interior designers that can also come in and offer additional services to contrast really well with your new Faux Finish.

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ACN Painting LLC offers an array of painting services as a licensed Scottsdale Painting company, such as Faux Finishes here in Scottsdale, AZ. We invite you to Contact Us for any questions that you have on our Faux Painters that you may be looking to utilize in your home or place of business. We offer free consultations. ACN Painting LLC looks forward to working with you.

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